My Cerec Machine Rigging progress

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My Hard Surface Modeling


As I already mentioned before, I upload rigging progress of my hard surface modeling.



Here are some render views.


Inserted 3 joints to control the machine. A lever from front panel is connected with the glass barrier and also controls lights which installed inside of the machine.

I made a set driven animation for the lever ,and this animation works with the ctrl of lever movement.




I also made  joint under joint structure to make a controller which orient with object axis. To make the offset joint a controller , I used MEL command : parent -relative, -shape; .



To make mechanical animation, I wrote some expression setup. This consists of  If else statement with ?operator.

This makes a back and forth movement with specific timing ,and the speed is varied by number of attribute:for example, 0 means pause, 1 means slow and 3 means faster. Drills rotate also by same principles.


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