My VF-1S modeling Progress

After I have finished the transforming rigging project for school, I restarted to polishing my Vf-1s modeling since April .

Because of the reason that I totally did not understand very basic of rigging , I detached every parts from the rig and re- oriented joint orientation.

The first try I have done before, I just used many set driven keys to control mechanics and whole transforming sequence, but after that I recognised that to control a transforming sequence by set driven is not good idea though I did not have many choices at that time.

The biggest problem was that I could not animate the transforming sequence. Yes, I had to make some controllers which controls a sequence by a sequence.

Anyway after I fixed rigging, I polished details.

So first time I completed the model, it had  about 200,000 poly.  But now it has  about 4 million poly. I still have the room for improvement like new mechanical hand ,more details for cockpit and landing gear. However, this is all for now.

Next time I will introduce rigging features.














Tried a render shot.



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